This month on the blog we shot our Winter 16 campaign with @Bazaarmumma (Kiri Vasales) we fell in love with Kiri on Instagram & her "je ne sais quoi" style. Her squeezable mini me Matisse is never to far off & knows how to turn on the charm, just like her mumma she is beautiful inside & out. Kiri has baby no.2 on the way so behind the scenes we sat down for a chat & asked Kiri a few questions on motherhood & how her style has changed.

What inspires you on a day-to-day basis?
Nature - it's everywhere and a constant reminder of the beauty around and within us.
Music - It brings back memories of good times, creates new visions, connects my thoughts to my body and uplifts the mood!
People - Family and friends in particular. Without the special people in my life I don't know where I'd be. They all inspire me for different reasons.

Describe your style…
Oh god my style is such a mish-mash, although it's relaxed and usually about comfort I love mixing it up with a bit of luxury. Just like leather and lace somethings are best mixed with a bit of edge. I've always like to push boundaries though.

Best parenting advice you’ve ever received?
My mother has been my guiding light of advice as a parent and she's always said to listen to your body and follow your instincts. Motherhood is one of the most natural things in existence so the answers are always there inside us.

Your typical day?
Is any day typical?! I run around a lot. I like to keep busy otherwise I get lazy and procrastinate badly. It's one way or the other! I love taking photos of Matisse and I though. We have fun.

How has your style changed now that you have a little extra skin to cover?
I'm a big believer in not changing your style due to a baby bump or a baby for that matter! I actually really enjoy styling during pregnancy as you have another attribute to emphasise which everyone loves looking at so it's great for the ego.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself before you became a Mum?
I wouldn't want to say anything other than "you got this mumma!" Everything I went through led me to where I am now and I can see how I needed to find myself as a woman not just as a mother and that took time. I think I was pretty relaxed and luckily I didn't have anything major to worry about. I really just went with the flow.