We come across some pretty amazing women in this business and Rachael Finch is no exception. She’s graced the catwalk and the small screen for a number of years and today; she’s also a certified health coach, a personal trainer, founder of Body By Finchand B.O.D By Finch, and mum to Violet  (4years) and Dominic (1year). Like so many of us, she’s busy, but in spite of her schedule and commitment to family life she believes that finding the right balance is indeed possible. We caught up with Rachael and got the low down on her approach to business, parenthood, exercise and all those bits in between…

C&A:       You’ve got a lot on the go – do you believe there is there such a thing as work/life balance? Can we have it all? 

RF:           Work/life balance is totally achievable. It takes a lot of hard work, commitment and patience but it’s possible if your mind, body and lifestyle allow for it. In our home, Misha and I share the care of the kids 50/50. We are also business partners, so we work together to make our daily list of tasks as smooth as possible. For me it’s been about tuning in to my body on a deep level to be able to listen to my intuition more and know when I need to slow down or speed up. This is why my online program BODY By Finch includes a meditation component within. Nurturing the mind is just as important as training the body and eating healthy. A new meditation pops into your planner each week that you can listen to anywhere, anytime. 


C&A:       What advice do you have for women out there that are struggling with the juggle of work and parenthood?

RF:           Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! That’s been huge for me since having children. I have the type of personality that wants to go, go, go all the time and keep adding to my list... It’s important to know when to slow down and take a breath to ensure your cup is being added to. My Dad always said, ‘If you can get one thing done during the day with a baby, you’re doing good.’ Trust your instinct and your body, it always has the right answer.


C&A:       You’re a successful businesswoman – when it comes to business, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced and how did you tackle those challenges?

RF:           We face challenges with our businesses every single day. They could be technical, physical, financial, time orientated or customer service related to name a few. My husband and I manage each challenge as it comes and do the best we can to resolve it immediately whilst remaining calm and optimistic. I think if you enter an obstacle in business in a negative frame of mine, the challenge will only get bigger. 


C&A:     How has motherhood had an impact on your career choices? 

RF:           Motherhood has changed who I am as a person and the decisions I make day to day as well as in my career. These changes have all been for the better. Being a mother is the most magical gift in the world and it’s truly my calling! A lot of what we do centres around the kids and how they can learn, grow and become inspired. I wanted to combine my passions with my work so I could become a better Mum and spend even more time with the kids. 


C&A:       Tell us about the new Body By Finch online heath and fitness program. What can people expect from it and where did this idea come from?

RF:           I juggle multiple roles at home with the kids and through my career. I know how hard it can be to stay healthy, prepare meals and get workouts in with such a busy schedule. I wanted to create a place women could come to that was easy to access where they could develop long term healthy habits. Body by Finch isn’t a quick fix program to get into a bikini. It’s about sustainability and changing the way you FEEL. We offer meal plans, new workouts, meditations, live videos from myself, expert advice, 24/7 support and a private Facebook community group where you can connect with other women in similar situations. You can log in from anywhere in the world and continue to feel happy, healthy, strong and supported. 


C&A:       Everyone has a different body and we all respond to training techniques in various ways; what exercises give youthe best results?

RF:           I’ve experimented with numerous ways of training. A combination of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), yoga-inspired stretch sessions and cardiovascular training work best for my body. We’ve broken up the program this way to keep the body challenged and so that you don’t get bored. I like working for shorter periods of time, with sets of higher intensity followed by rest.


CA&:       Body By Finch works on the physical, mental and emotional parts of a participant’s life. How important is a holistic workout and why?

RF:           Nothing will ever beat the mind, body and soul approach. It’s like a flower cannot bloom at it’s full potential without the right amount of soil, water and sunlight. It’s all encompassing and helps to create all the aspects that make us who we are.


C&A:       What are your goals for Body By Finch and why do you think it’s been so successful?

RF:           Firstly we are proud to offer such a well-rounded program for $24.95. We are constantly uploading new recipes, workouts, meditations and information so you can soak up as much as you can to be the best version of yourself. Most gym memberships are 3 x that amount and are rarely used. Our support network is also what separates us from others. It’s my passion being able to connect with women around the country and be by their side on their health journey. I would love to see women across the globe changing their lives with Body by Finch. 


C&A:       We know summer bodies are made in winter, but sometimes it’s just so hard to muster the enthusiasm to workout in the cooler months. How can we stay motivated to exercise in winter?

RF:           It definitely isn’t easy when the cold kicks in! I plan most of my workouts indoors, right in my lounge room so I stay toasty and just get it done. All workouts from my program are designed for this. I do like to plan my winter workouts later in the day if I can and I always set my active wear out on the wardrobe the night before as a reminder. There’s a lot of music playing in our home over winter – a good motivator to get the body moving! 


C&A:       What’s your go-to dinner you’re guaranteed the whole family will love? And can we have a peak at the recipe?

RF:           Sure! My Coco-nutty chicken and apple slaw (download a PDF of the recipe here) is pretty popular all round. I use almond meal and shredded coconut to coat the chicken first, which are then made crispy in the oven. I always make a bigger portion for lunches the next day!