There is something special about walking into The Boathouse, the vibrant eclectic array of flowers and fruit in large clam shells and nautical coloured ceramic platers, the massive branches of fragrant frangipanis and tightly bunched marbled roses massed together on distressed industrial dressers and of course the waft of freshly ground coffee combined with salty air and smiling staff that not only creates one killer combo but can easily become a part of the perfect daily morning ritual!

This week we had the absolute pleasure of chatting with owner Pip Goldsmith, who alongside her husband Andrew, have created the ultimate relaxed beachside dinning experience. 

With the much anticipated launch of The Boat House Home, we talk all things about the ‘day in the life’ of one hard working muma!

Describe your personal style:

I keep it pretty simple or in other words….conservative. I always have a black handbag and flat shoes. I love colour but always seem to end up in navy, black or white. I’d rather spend more money on less things so they are quality and last longer.

Your typical day…

Every morning is spent with my little man Darcy who is 2. I love the consistency of mornings as the rest of my days are never the same, although I’m not sure you can call any morning consistent with a 2 year old!! My day is then filled with work whether it be in our office, the homewares store or out and about sourcing. No day is ever really the same, the nature of hospitality and retail means things change and move so my days are different but I love that.  

 What inspires you:

Inspiration is a tricky one as I don’t do specific things to get inspired but I do believe you must enrich your life with things you love so inspiration is there when you need it. Reading a book, a swim in the ocean, going to the movies, time with your family, a bit of retail therapy, holidays, a cup of tea - all things that seem normal but make life feel warm and full. 

The most interesting/amazing self discovery of becoming a mum:

The realisation of time. Time is everything. It makes you really realise the most simple things in life are truly the most valuable. 

How do you best achieve a work/life balance:

I best achieve a work and life balance when I have given myself some time out. Whether it be exercise or just something relaxing, it doesn’t need to be long or everyday. I personally need that to have a clear mind. 

All of The Boathouse Group Cafes are so extremely welcoming of families and especially kids…. Is this something you are mindful of? as a brand ethos as such, or has it just naturally evolved over time?

We have always believed that our cafes should be somewhere where everyone feels comfortable no matter who you are. Andrew and I both have large extended families so having kids around our venues is such a nice part of giving them life. We do admit to not having enough high chairs in our venues until Darcy came along. We feel bad we didn’t realise how hard it is to have  a meal or coffee without a busy child confined to a high chair!! 

The Boathouse Home Pop Up in Palm Beach is the most delightful treasure trove of costal goodness we have laid our eyes on! Tell us about the journey of creating such a space and your plans for the future.

Thank you, so lovely of you to say. We really have not put too much into it just yet as we are not 100% sure if we are staying there. We painted it all white and made it as abundant as we could. We are keeping The Boathouse Home concept and hoping to expand on it as well, we hope an exciting new addition for 2017. We would love to stay in that building but if it’s not possible we will find another site. 

Make sure to visit The Boathouse Home - 1 Beach Road, Palm Beach NSW