ONETEASPOON are the go-to denim brand for women, men and now KIDS. With Founder of the cult Aussie label Jamie Blakey at the helm, there’s no such thing as an idea that’s “too big” – so when Beyonce requested a mini style to match her adult Bandits, what was already an idea simmering away, soon became a full collection. 

C&A:You’re officially launching ONETEASPOON Kids in August but if the Preview Collection is anything to go by, we’re pretty excited to see what’s next. What can we expect from the full collection?

JB:“Denim, obviously! But even though it’s a kids collection it won’t be too ‘kiddie’. We’ve essentially shrunk a bunch of styles from Women’s and Men’s – and bizarrely throughout that process there were certain cuts that just didn’t translate, they ended up being too ‘kiddie’ which we really wanted to stay away from. Expect denim. Lots of denim.”


C&A:You’re always up for a challenge Jamie Blakey. Tell us how this one came about – was it something you’d been thinking about for a while?

JB: “We’d been thinking about it and thinking about it and then when Beyonce requested a pair of bandits to match hers, for Blue Ivy, we thought well maybe we should do that now. Actually, we really need to get her a pair! We had thought about it for quite a while though - once upon a time a twenty year old didn’t want to wear something that a six year old was wearing; I feel like that’s totally changed now. Little kids are just so onto it that I just wasn’t worried about it at all. It was time.”


C&A:The Preview Collection consists of three styles of shorts: the Xanthe Roller, the Fox Black Bandit and the Blue Cult Bandit. What are your top picks from the full collection and what are we racing out to buy in August?

JB:“The Chambray All-In-One for sure. The Oversized Chambray Shirt is a winner; and then always just the Bandits. Also there’s the Slouchy Denim Jeans too. You can’t really get them anywhere for kids, and they look super cute in them; so that’s another goodie.”


C&A:Is it a one off capsule or will kids be part of the One Teo offering from now on?

JB:“ONETEASPOON is a full family offer now. What I really want to achieve is that fresh young family vibe; kids are like the adults, but mini versions. We started out thinking Kids would be two seasons a year for three years but the Preview Collection went so well that we’re doing four seasons a year now. It’s the same with Men’s. We were only doing Men’s twice a year and now we’re doing that four times a year.”


C&A:Talk us through sizing – what ages/sizes will be available?

JB:“For kids, sizes are 4-14. It’s age 4 to age 14 - pretty much.”


C&A:Describe for us the ‘ONETEASPOON Kid’.

JB:“The ONETEASPOON Kid knows who they are and what they’re about. They’ve definitely got attitude, but not it an obnoxious way. They’re just confident because they know themselves. They’re good kids, they’ve got spunk and sass – not too much - because they’re well balanced. Really, they’re just fun, good people to hang out with.”