Talk about mother dynamite, is there anything that this incredibly beautiful (inside and out) women can not do!

Super stylish with brains to boot, Marcia created Not So Mumsy 4 years ago on the back of a journalism/marketing career, and has well and truely marked its place in the blogashphere! Creating an approachable, inclusive and yet highly fashionable platform for modern muma's not yet ready to hang up their 'J'ADIOR' slingbacks.

Gentle hearted, full of determination and highly driven Marcia is an inspiration. Her open and honest nature, sharing not just the highlights, but reaching into the hard to speak about moments of motherhood, have given strength and united women creating a strong bond and earnest following on social media.

We were delighted to sneak in some time, before the new bub arrives, to chat about all things Not So Mumsy.

NOT SO MUMSY(adj.): Style-conscious, media-savvy mamas who juggle busy schedules, play-dates and the occasional splash of rosé.

Take us through your typical day…

The day starts a little more rushed and hectic since Archie started school this year.  My husband is an early riser and leaves for gym/work at 6am and Archie and I like to sleep in. So after 5 years of going with the flow, we're still getting used to having to be somewhere at a specific time!

After drop off I either go to Pilates or the gym (although only 1-2 times a week at this stage of my pregnancy), otherwise I go straight home to start work. No two days are the same for me- I could be shooting, editing, writing, attending event or meetings. At the moment there are a lot of pregnancy related appointments, once a week I also like to fit in lunch with a friend or something nice for myself like a facial or massage.  Before I know it it's pick up time- which I alternate with my hubby depending on Archie's after school activities.  If there is no soccer training or activity I will take him to a cafe for a milkshake and chat about our day. 

Then it's home to homework and making dinner while hubby will spend time with Archie. Once he is in bed I might do another couple of hours work or chill with chocolate and trash TV ;)

Describe your personal style and how you have adapted this style during pregnancy:

I always find this hard to answer. I don't know that I have one particular "style" as such. I'm pretty versatile in what I wear. I have so many different pieces in my wardrobe from boho-style dresses to well cut basics and designer pieces and love to mix and match. My pregnancy style isn't too different from my normal style- I have a lot more stretchy basics but still love to accessorise in my usual style and for the most part. I think in pregnancy the accessories really make the outfit- especially towards the end where it's more about comfort. I love adding statement sunglasses, a red lip and cool shoes or bag to elevate a more basic outfit. 

What inspires and motivates you on a personal level:

M mother is my biggest inspiration. She raised 6 biological children and is now raising my 5 foster/adopted brothers and sisters who have been in our family since they were born. And she does it all with style and grace. Yep, big shoes to fill! 

As far as motivation I think it mostly comes from myself. I am happiest when I am doing and creating, achieving and constantly trying to better myself. 

With a massive creative and digital workload and lets not forget Archie a busy 5 year old! How do you best achieve a work/life balance:

It's a constant battle to be honest. I've created a job where I can work around Archie and prioritise my family- which is fab, but at the same time working for yourself means you can never just stop and "leave work at work". It's even harder when a big part of work is being on my phone! Although it's much easier to balance work and home now that Archie is at school, I still make sure we have a phone/tech free time each evening and one full day on the weekend to be present and focused on family. 

Not So Mumsy is such a beautifully curated blend of fashion, lifestyle and inspiration for the modern mama and constantly evolving! how do you keep a steady flow of inspiration and direction ideas for the site? Is it a team effort or are you a one women show!

Thank you! For the most part I'm still a one- woman show. I make sure I'm consistent in posting 3 times every week and try to keep evolving. The explosion of all the  "modern mama" sites, magazines and blogs motivates me to try new directions and offer something a little different. 

 I am focusing a lot more on contributor content, giving a voice to other mamas from around the world who inspire in a wider variety of fields and try and find a balance between sharing my personal journey as well as interesting articles from a broad range of topics- and I think that is the point of difference. I get a little sick of myself if its just about me! Ha!

With the exciting addition of bubs #2 in May, are you finding yourself preparing/nesting for life with a newborn in the house again? and is Archie ready to take on his role as adoring big brother?!

To be honest I have never been busier work-wise! I think being a "mummy blogger" is probably the only profession where you are more in demand the more pregnant you are! I keep telling myself I have to slow down, but before I can slow down I have to schedule and create content for the month or so after baby comes as I don't want any commitments while I'm enjoying the new-born bubble. I just want to go into lock-down for a month and get to know my little babe. 

I've started nesting and clearing out the house, but still have to get some of the essentials like a car seat and bassinet! Yep, leaving it to the last minute! I was so prepared with Archie having the whole nursery and everything done by this stage, but I feel like you really don't need half the stuff you think you do when you have your first baby. 

So it looks like the stars have graciously aligned for you in 2017 and what a year it has already been! 3rd in the #top50influencerawards, such a wonderful achievement, and soon a cherished new born in your arms! If there is anything else you could possibly wish for, what could make this year any sweeter?

Well call me crazy but on top of everything else I've decided to launch my own sleep and loungewear label! It's something that's been an idea for a couple of years, but decided to finally get a start on it about 4-5 months ago. The product is made, we just shot the campaign and ready to launch this weekend! It's all part of building Not So Mumsy into more of a lifestyle brand with many touch points. 

But of course.  by far the biggest focus of the year is our new family member! We're planning to start travelling again towards the end of the year for my husband's label Sunday Somewhere, but that will depend on the baby and how ready we feel! It's going to be a great year- but I really just want to enjoy my family!