This month I caught up with the beautiful Kate of Little Edge Apparel. Kate started the brand in 2011 when her son Brayden was born, turning her love of fashion into something for both the little ones and us too.
Kate has just launched a beautiful linen range for summer so make sure you keep up to date with @liledgeapparel on their insta page. You can see the full range at

Describe your style…
I would say my style is extremely relaxed. My wardrobe mainly consists of monochrome and denim. You'll usually find me in a baggy tee or tank with some comfy shorts or a flowy white dress ( I have a thing for white dresses)! Im breastfeeding at the moment too so everything has to be feeding friendly!

Your typical Day?
Oh… is there such a thing! My days change so much day to day depending on where Im at in the season with Little Edge. Generally Im up early with Bowie and we go for a walk around 5:45 then we get Bray to pre school by 9 ( three days of the week). Usually I would then come home and pack orders while Bowie has a morning nap and afterwards we head out for our jobs of the day! All pieces are made here in Australia for Little Edge so I do a lot of the fabric sourcing and running around myself. Some days it could involve collecting elastic or buttons etc and taking them over to my gorgeous makers, or having meetings and designing. Sometimes I get time to duck home for washing or tidying before picking up Bray at 3 and starting the afternoon rush of dinner and bath! Ben and I usually meet on the lounge at around 8:30 and get to ask each other about our day! 

What inspired you to start Little Edge Apparel?
I've always been into kids fashion - I remember when I was a nanny I would just love dressing the kids and styling them up! I guess once I had my son Bray, I became obsessed with finding him the ultimate wardrobe. I noticed a little gap in the market for 'edgy' gear and thats how Little Edge was born!

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself before you became a Mum?
To enjoy the freedom and uninterrupted sleep while you can! haha

What do you love most about running your own business?
Definitely the fact that I get to spend lots of time with my kids. I work around them and I feel so lucky to watch them grow and learn in these special early years of life. Working in my pjs defiantly comes in at a close second! 

What would be your advice to mums wanting to start their own business?
Give it a go! Start off small and slowly build it up. Surround yourself with people that believe in you and are positive and create connections with like minded mummas! And wine…. theres always wine! x