Meet the Owens family.

Mumma Jess, Dad Andy, big brother Aive (4) and little brother Van (3).

This family is cool. They don't try to be cool. They just are. So it's fitting then that Jess and Andy created an online store for all things kiddy livin'- Knapstore.  "We're for the kids flying the free spirit flag. We believe life is for living. It's for wearing your Sunday best on Monday. It's for anyone who's up for it, whatever it may be."  That pretty much sums it up. It's for the cool kids. For the kids that enjoy being kids. It's for the parents who let their kids be kids. We recently caught up with Jess and her blonde babes at their beachside abode, on Sydney's northern beaches. We then cruised down to the local skatepark where we learnt what a 'coping' is and talked about 'skate hi's'. Told you she was cool.

What inspires you on a day to day basis?

My family, always supportive and knowing if I give it my all I can build a good life for them. ..and soy Cappuccino with honey.

Describe your style.

I guess a bit of a boy meets girl easy no fuss vibe! I like  black & white with a bit of vintage denim thrown in. It has to be quality breathable pieces which last through skatepark adventures and beach days & can't move pass a skate hi to keep up with the boys. I'm always in a pair of geek chic glasses and some delicate gold jewellery too.

Best parenting advice you've ever received?

Don't sweat the small stuff.

What do you look for when buying for knapstore?

Quality, sustainable pieces that'll last the distance. We seek out original, hard to find pieces that aren't easily accessible. We want to offer something different, something that adds a bit of a story to kids wardrobes.

Typical day?

Wake up and make the boys their never ending (degustation) breakfast. Maybe help them make a bit of Lego and after that it's usually either the beach or skate park. Over lunch I answer emails and try to do some work! Throw in a post office visit or two somewhere, then the normal dinner bath bed routine and back to work with serious business discussions with my business partner & husband Andy.

What are some of the things you cannot live without in your home?

Our couch, my plants & our vitamix!

Describe the Knapstore kid.

The one having the most fun

Where do you look for Knapstore inspiration?

Currently i'm inspired by artisan pieces on etsy and my late night Internet & Pinterest scrolls end me in some very inspiring sites across the ocean.