The name says it all don’t you think?

Meet Amy Avalon, the incredibly beautiful Mumma of two delicious boys who is the creative light behind our range of the Claudine & Ash kids sandals. Designing leather sandals is not something new for Amy; prior to having her boys Amy had her own range of women’s leather sandals stocked in designer boutiques across Sydney. Her appreciation for fashion, love of the sea and honest and energising beauty is how the kid’s range came together. Her home that she shares with her husband Kano and their two boys Ziggy, almost 12 months and Zev, 3.5years is a lovingly restored beach shack full of objects that tell a story. Everything has its place and you cannot help but feel completely inspired by the love felt within its walls.

What inspires you on a day-to-day basis?

I feel so lucky to live where we do on the Northern Beaches, so close to some many inspiring elements of nature - the beautiful inviting ocean and Pittwater water ways, grounding bush land with the almost wave like sandstone formations and native plants mesh with tropical palms and giant strelitzia! The diversity of being able to find something new to explore with the kids and seeing their uninhibited sense of freedom and beautiful happy smiles inspires me everyday!

Describe your style...

Relaxed, colourful, beachy bit partial to a print or colour clash

Best parenting advice you’ve ever received?

Pick your battles and let them be kids...

Your typical day?

Early start with Ziggy, while Zev has a little sleep in, sweep and potter in the garden, make a Bali coffee, light an incense and let the sweet smell of nag champa float through the morning air. Make the boys breaky and get organised for the beach! Hit the beach for sandcastle building and a swim, and laze the morning away eating watermelon till the boys sleep time calls! Lunchtime sleeps allow me to catch up with emails, design work, and social media. Then it's back to playtime with the boys building cubbies and climbing in the tree house till dad comes home. We love summer for an early evening swim followed by a sunset BBQ on the deck. Lots of books and story telling eases the boys into bed...

Where did you draw your inspiration from when designing the Claudine & Ash kids sandals?

I really focused on Claudine's existing range of beautiful bags, and how there is a style of bag for each and every style of mum! I wanted to carry that through to the kid’s sandals. The Avalon matches back with the strong feel of the Kalani, fashion forward and strong, great paired back with Featherdrum flares tank and Fallen Broken street Hat. The Shelly in the classic gold/silver combo has the feel of the luxurious Indi and Cleopatra nappy purses, great for parties or events! While The Whaley are a little more laid back and natural just like the stunning Havana Bag.