We all try & stay as fit as possible while pregnant, one thing I have found third time around is that my priorities & how I exercise have changed. I was doing spin classes up until the end of my first pregnancy & this time around I just don't have the time or energy. I attended a pre natal class at FluidForm Pilates and loved the way I felt afterwards, I wasn't flat out exhausted but I had worked the muscles in my body enough to make me feel those good endorphins kick in.

I've learnt that I'm not the only mum out there loving Pilates so I was interested to hear about FluidForm Pilates director Kirsten King & how she manages to run a success business while being a mum to Charlie, Willow & Harper.

Describe your style
This makes me laugh because I spend 95% of my life in activewear because I teach in the studio most days. When I'm not in the studio you'll find me in dresses and sneakers or denim shorts! I dress fairly casually these days but I am partial to a handbag and sunnies to add something special to my outfit!

Your typical day...
I wake around 5.30 every morning so that I am dressed and the house is organised for the morning rush. I get my 2 eldest girls up first (Charlie 5 and Willow 3). I always dress them before we even leave the bedroom, after many different attempts of getting out the door on time I've found this is the key. We eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair and we are out the door by 8am. My baby girl (Harper 8 months) usually wakes around 7, I feed and dress her because she needs to be in the car at 8 to start the day with me too.
School drop off is next and depending on the day can be two different locations 20mins drive apart, then we head into the studio.
I start teaching the moment I walk into the studio and finish around 3pm where I then get back in the car to head to school to pick my girls up.
The afternoon quickly turns into night and the dreaded dinner, bed and bath begins! I usually sit down with a cup of tea and chocolate around 9.30 before I jump into bed and prepare myself to do it all again.
It's a busy program and I am very organised and have my processes that I know work. Some days are harder than others but I wouldn't change it for anything!

How long have you been practicing/teaching Pilates?
I have been practicing Pilates for 20 years and I have been teaching it for almost 12 years. The passion for Pilates turned into a desire to become an instructor.

What have you loved about owning your own business?
I love the ability to make things happen, I am very driven and slightly obsessed when it comes to achieving goals so I have found owning my own business very rewarding! I am also very lucky to be able to take my girls to work with me. Harper is in the studio most days and Willow and Charlie make an appearance on their non pre school/daycare days too.

How do you juggle three kids and run a business?
Im not going to lie some days I have anxiety about what needs to be done but I usually get through it (thanks to some Wine).
I have to be really organised and smart with my time management. Emails get done in the middle of the night and I always write to do lists. I won't lie my days are long and I work 7 days a week. The studio however is shut on a Sunday, this just allows me that one day where I know I don't have to go in and the majority of my day is spent with our family.
Kingy (my husband) is very hands on and helps with the girls as much as possible we are a great team!

If you could go anywhere on a five day holiday, where would you go & who would you take?
If I could go anywhere for 5 days, I think I'd  head straight to Hayman with Kingy, eat yummy food and drink cocktails by the pool all day! When you have three children and run your own business quality time with your partner can sometimes be hard to find! A quick recharge not too far away would be ideal!