I came across Bakulia's instagram feed when she was 31 weeks pregnant and looking like the ultimate pregnant bomshell at Burningman.

Bakulia doesn't just provide a beautiful feed she runs her own business Fleur Du Luxe - Real luxury flowers that last a year and also holds a Masters Degree in law and Finance. Sounds like one smart cookie to me!!!

I forgot to mention her bump is now a beautiful 6 month old baby girl named Dakota so Bakulia is a full time Mum as well.

Here is a little 'What's in your bag' Q&A we did. x

C&A: How long have you been running Fleur Du Luxe for? 
BA: It’s been over 3 years and just over a year now I am running Fleur du Luxe full time.

C&A: You recently became a mum to your little girl Dakota, how are you managing your time between Mum and girl boss? 
BA: Not easily, some days I just want to be a full time mum and dedicate all my time to my beautiful daughter to ensure I don’t miss any precious moments, whilst other days my inner girl boss pushes me to ensure my business baby continues to thrive. I can’t complain too much though, I have a lovely studio nook at our house, where Dakota can still be near while I create flower arrangements. She also comes to some of the personal deliveries I do, so I am really grateful to have a business that allows my baby to be with me at all times.

C&A: One beauty product you cannot leave home without? 
Perfume. If all else fails, at least I smell nice.

C&A: Your dream bag? 
There is this Chanel so black classic flap bag I have my eye on. The black on black hardware is to die for.

C&A: Your phone is ringing. Can you find it? (ie: is your bag organised?) 
Yes! Most of the times my bag is organised. Once a week or so I clean out my bag, re-organise and get rid of old receipts, wrappers and now half chewed rusks.  

C&A: The keyring. Important or not? 
I never cared for one until I was gifted this gorgeous keyring with a picture of my partner & my dog (pre-Dakota days, I should probably update it, now that I think about it).

C&A: What do you feel more lost without....phone or sunglasses? 
Phone. I live on my phone! Unfortunately the addiction is real. How will I snap another 100000000th picture of my daughter or speak to my customers? (Squinting with no sunglasses, that’s how! :P )