Ever found yourself wondering what is in those strong smelling bath time suds…. ahhhh I know, best not to think about it right??

Well lucky for us Beach Road Naturals has gone and taken the worry out of your bath time ritual!

Meet Amy Dempsey, a clever, funny, nurturing mama whose warmth and beauty shines from the inside out. Whether she is wrangling her delightful kids at the beach or casually cruising the coffee shop, Amy always has an easy going carefree smile on her face and instantly makes you feel like joining her party!

When the opportunity arose to combine forces with her brother to create a unique boutique range of stylish, and perhaps more importantly, organic and nourishing body products, they jumped on it!

Formulated in a family owned and operated business on Sydney's idyllic Northern Beaches, Beach Road Naturals uses only the highest quality organic and sustainable ingredients sourced from Australian Farmers and is only ever proudly tested on family and friends never animals.

Now doesn't that just make bath time smell a whole lot sweeter!

Claudine and Ash are certainly hooked!!

Tell us about your journey leading up to and creating Beach Road Natural

Beach Road Naturals was inspired and created by a love for the ocean and travel. My Brother (cofounder Sam) and I have always had a passion for natural and unique products with organic ingredients and decided that we wanted to create our own range. After some research, we found there was a gap in the market for coconut oil based products that are palm oil free and this lead us to Beach Road Naturals. We were fortunate that our Dad has a background in food technology and chemistry so he has played a vital part in our product development. It has been a real family affair creating Beach Road Naturals, we have had a lot of fun along the way.

Take us through your typical day

As a working mum my days are constantly changing, one thing though that doesn’t it is the constant juggle of managing 2 small kids, work and a household!

We don’t mind a bit of a sleep in at our place and the kids don't usually wake till 7ish. It’s then a bit of rush to get everyone fed, changed and out the door by 8; 30am, I do the drop off at kindy and day care and head to the office in Warriewood. We try to have a quick catch up/ team meeting first up and then straight into emails, orders, planning etc. I try to finish work at 4pm then back to pick kids up and home for dinner, bathing, reading and bedtime for the kiddies. The lap top/phone usually comes back out and I do a little bit more work depending on how tired I am and how busy we are. There are never enough hours in the day for me!

How do you best achieve a work/family life balance?

Family is by far the most important thing in the world to me and they 100% come first. I try to fit my work into two full days a week and then finish any emails etc. once the kids go to bed at night. Being a family business I'm lucky that we can share day-care/kindy pick up allowing me to work back later when I need to. We have a great Beach Road team behind us and I would honestly be lost without them, a strong Team behind you is so important when you have your own business. Grant (my husband) and I do our very best to leave work at work and we also make sure we each get to the gym a couple of times a week.

Do you have any #mumhacks that help you stay healthy and happy?

Got to love anything that makes life better, easier and more awesome-my top 3 would have to be:

1) Marley spoon- Every Monday morning I receive a box of healthy food and recipes to cook for the week, this takes the meal planning/prep out of my week as well as cuts my supermarket bill in half.

2) Washing/laundry- I got this one from a good friend, its actually so simple. I now fold all washing as I take it off the line and have no washing folding pile, it’s amazing! The simple things.

3) My Dyson stick vacuum is literally a lifesaver and used every day, I highly recommend these to families with young kids

Describe your personal style and how you have adapted this style with motherhood.

My day to day style has always been (and still is) very casual and relaxed (while still trying to look half decent), you will pretty much find me in denim shorts and a T-shirt in summer and jeans or active wear in winter. I’m lucky our office is all pretty casual in the style department.

Describe your family in 5 words

Relaxed, Happy, busy, hardworking & fun.